Adder offers a range of solutions for our customers to manage systems remotely in real-time and with zero loss of data through multiple devices. These solutions allow operators, with specified access rights to have full control to reboot or switch a system remotely. 

ADDER® high-performance KVM technologies enable remote access to manage connected computers from anywhere in the world. 

  • Manage systems remotely in real-time and with zero loss of data 
  • Connect multiple devices 
  • Enable collaboration across teams of operators with specified access rights
  • Grant authorized users full control to reboot or switch a system remotely

Centralized management

  • Instantaneous secure WAN access to distributed, critical computer systems
  • Remote control of computers in dangerous or clean environments 
  • Eliminates travel time to diagnose issues through remote access to computing resources
  • Consolidates access views into single pane of vision
  • Out-of-band: platform agnostic, no drivers or software required

Easy, secure integration with existing infrastructure

  • Distributed architecture for non-blocking access
  • Small form factor 
  • Open-source technology enables straightforward integration with third party systems
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Part of the ADDERLink® IPEPS range, the IPEPS Dual Access enables users to remotely access and control your critical computing hardware using your standard IP network. Using RealVNC client software, computers outside the network can be remotely and securely accessed.